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Welcome to Deep River Dyeing Company
Deep River Dyeing Company is located in the heart of North Carolina in Randleman which is just south of Greensboro. We are close to most of the major knitters and weavers right here in North Carolina to simplify your transportation needs. We are a full service commission dye house specializing in polyester fabrics of different constructions.

Deep River Dyeing has been in the business of dyeing polyester for over 40 years. DRD begin life dyeing light weight polyester interlock fabrics after the collapse of the double knit industry in the early seventies. Over the decades, and as fabrics changed, Deep River changed also. Our processes now include polyester warp knits, poly/spandex, acetate/spandex, nylon spandex, as well as polyester circular knits and enhancements for all of those fabrics. We specialize in open width finishing of these fabrics and custom colors at your request. We welcome cat yarns blended with regular disperse poly yarns. If post consumer Eco friendly yarns are in your line, we process those also.

We can help with your development needs and take care of problem fabrics that are not up to specifications when shipped from another country of origin. At Deep River, we can accommodate our customers in any emergency situation such as a rush delivery. We also handle small lots and special finishing on a variety of fabrics.
Variable Lot Sizes
Our lot sizes vary from 200 lbs to 1200 lbs:

200 lbs

400 lbs

600 lbs

800 lbs

1200 lbs

Fabric Enhancements
Some fabric enhancements include:

• Softeners

• Antimicrobial Applications

• Durable Water Repellents

• Wicking agents

• Hand-Builders

• UV-inhibiters

• FR Treatments

Exceptional Services
Deep River has the expertise to help our customers achieve their fabric goals. We understand the needs of our customers. Shade matching, color consistency, and consistent finishing are expected in every dye house. Our production staff delivers exemplary service every day and within every shift. Our customer service department is friendly, experienced and devoted to our customers.

Give us a call; there are no telephone menus to deal with...just a friendly voice to direct you to immediate help.
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P. O. Box 217 • 225 Poplar Street • Randleman, NC 27317 • Phone: (336) 498-4181 • Fax: (336) 498-7252
cyber knit logoMy company, Cyberknit, has been a customer at Deep River for over 10 years. From the start we were made to feel like part of the family even though we were a small account with many different styles that required special processing.

Over The years, we grew to become a sizable customer at Deep River and the relationship between the two companies has grown stronger mainly due to the excellent service and attention to detail on the part of Deep River.

Color matching and lot-to-lot shade consistency are of utmost importance to us and Deep River produces high quality fabrics with every one of our orders.

Menachem Katz, President
Cyberknit Fabrics

I have been dyeing & finishing at Deep River for many years. I have brought a number of clients to Deep River to dye polyester fabrics. Their work is unsurpassed and the people are easy and pleasant to work with. If there is a problem they are always willing to work through it in a fair manner. I would recommend them to anyone.

Russell A. Roberts
Contract Converter